Our SEO process, Go Higher, To Get More Customers

Our SEO process, Go Higher, To Get More Customers

Below we outlined our automated SEO process, this let you have a better understanding of how your site can/will rank better.

1. Identify your top 10 SEO competition.
Your competitors will tell you the keywords you should be using.

You know the big players in your market. Now you need to know your SEO competitors (they could be coming from other market sectors). When it comes to SEO, your only competitors are the ones who rank in the first search result pages for your top keywords.

Monitoring Google results for all your keywords and compiling your rivals is incredibly time-consuming. This is where competitive intelligence tools come in, we’ll perform rank tracking for all of your keywords.

After entering your keywords, we’ll look through the results in your target search engine and identify your biggest SEO competitors — domains that show up most frequently in top 30.

2. Assess competitors’ SEO strength.
Instantly see how much effort beating each competitor requires

Before you get down to analyzing competitors’ SEO specifics, like keyword use on a particular landing page, it’s a good idea to measure their overall SEO strength and estimate the work required to beat each of your competitors.

3. Examine competitors’ backlinks.
Analyze and compare competitors’ link profiles

Backlinks are perhaps the strongest indicator of a site’s authority to search engines. Backlink research is a crucial step in competitive analysis — it will help you develop a link strategy, estimate the time required to build a comparably strong link profile, and spot valuable backlink opportunities within competitors’ profiles.

In the tools we use domain strength and authority in the comparison to get a better understanding.

4. Uncover competitors’ on-page strengths.
Examine competitors’ on-site efforts and see how they compare to yours

Unlike backlinks, on-page SEO is quicker to implement. You could literally revamp your content in a day using the insight you get from analyzing competitors’ pages — and this quick change is likely to bring tangible results sooner than any other.

Our website auditor will look at each competitor and analyze the strength of each page, the keyword associated and give you a better understanding of what content work better in Google.



After understanding these 4 steps, you now have a clear understanding of how we can identify your main SEO rivals, the methods they use on and off page to rank better and what is the best use of your time/money to gain higher rankings in Google.



After reading this article from Rand Fishkin @ Moz.com, So I took their plan and used it against them!!!I was inspired to create my own “Top 5 ways to Create Great Content” list.
  • What question isn’t being answered by the search results? Look for the hole in Google’s response, just like any good business method.
  • How can you increase the level user experience satisfaction? You can think in terms of speed, mobility, design quality, to start. Can you look farther past these? Be a leader, even if nobody is following (at first). Share you vision and then refine it. “Makes me think of Ringo Starr!!”(He got much better with age!)
  • Increase the detail and update older info in the search engine response.
  • Is there a visual response? Using visuals can make your content incredible, create and have fun, it’ll show.
  • What is the quality of writing? Increase it, even if it means becoming a be a better writer.
  • What data sources are used? Can I find better data sources? Don’t get stuck using the same old sources, “be un-stuckable”
Top 10 Tips for an Incredible Website Sales Funnel

Top 10 Tips for an Incredible Website Sales Funnel

Letting customers get a better feel for your product of service is the best way to increase sales. Here are some of the best tips to have you website become a geat sales funnel for your business.The sales funnel can be depicted as the flow from marketing to a sale.Research has shown a good sales funnel can achieve 20% annual revenue growth, as reported by the a Aberdeen Group.

  • Qualify Each Lead
  • Every Page has a business intent
  • Test Every Thing
  • Rewrite Headlines 25 times
  • Show prospects how you are different (USP,Unique Sales Proposition)
  • Use a simple and easy contact form
  • Know who your customer demographic
  • Use social media to get to know your customers likes and dislikes
  • Use list building when possible (Via Webinars, Free Give Aways, Cooupons, ETC.)
  • Offer Great Updated Content


The first step at the Center is to understand what our potential client, you, want. Having spent years doing business analysis, the art of turn businesses wants in to technology solutions is an iterative process. The process flows faster when the you are able to share your vision and clearly state your wants. The business “needs” is a secondary discussion, that is usually conveyed during the “wants” interview.

Getting to know you is just as much about what you need from us as it is learning how to serve you best. We’ll be making recommendations about critical business decisions, so knowing your culture and methods will improve the quality of feedback.

As shown here on a hubspot.com post are the 7 elements of web design. Basically making your site easy to read with clear images on a single page give the user an easier way to learn about your company.  At the Center, many of the design aspects are taken from information Hubspots “Critical Tactics for Exceptional Website Design“, they offer a free copy on the post.

Engagement with Social Media

Customers want to know the companies better than just getting a flyer in the mail. They want to see reviews and hear from other people that have used the company. A better understanding of the business will hopefully lead to a better user experience.That’s what they want and as consumers we all want to deal with companies that are able to deliver a good experience.


The first step is finding where you potential customers hiding is to understand your demographic. Determining who buys your products or services gives you a way to them. Once you’ve decided who is buy, then understanding their psychographics is the next step. You can get an over view of psychographics by reading this Hubspot.com article on the the subject. Hubspot is a great U.K. based inbound marketing company, inbound meaning customers coming to you for valuable information, as they lead by example on this (and every blog post). As mentioned in the blog post, social media can be used to gather data about your customers. When people like and friend you on Facebook they are giving you access to a huge amount of data, using that to help target other people like them is the key to success in Social Media marketing.